Milpirri: Winds of Change.

“Our libraries exist within the country. They are embedded in our land archives, and in our people.” Wanta Jampijinpa.

Milpirri: Winds of Change is our most recent film. Produced in association with PAW Media and Communications. Watch it on NITV Saturday 1st November at 7.30pm. Read more about Milpirri here…

Kids' Business has received the The Broadcast Media Award at the Australian and New Zealand Mental Health Service Media Awards.

" In recognition of a deeply engaging and beautifully crafted documentary portraying children in class tackling potentially devastating life issues with honesty and wisdom."


People Pictures is Stewart Carter and Cath South. Working primarily as a two-person team, we write, direct, produce and edit. Our approach is responsive and empathetic. We look to tell stories from the inside, learning everything we can about our subjects. We make films as a part of our lives, not something separate. Our work is about understanding our subjects, building relationships and creating films that convey that insight to the audience.

Our most recent film, Kids' Business... Was invited to screen at the Peace on Earth Film Festival in Chicago. This profoundly moving film, intimately observes a class of 12 year old school kids as they explore the issues of bullying, domestic violence and relationships with their parents. more


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